Shared Task Lists

Most small organizations use GMail to work efficiently, whether everyone's in the same room or working remote. To keep working efficiently, you don't want to have yet another tool to manage everyone's immediate task lists.

Katsh solves this problem by providing an easy syntax for managing everyone's tasks right in GMail. Simply tag someone with an @filter in a GMail thread, and the thread will automatically be added to their list.

Once they respond, their tag will be removed. Or if the issue becomes OBE, a simple @clear from anyone on the thread will remove the tags too.

This system works directly with GMail's filters and any app you already use for GMail (the browser or your phone), and scales to as many users as you want. Any thread can have as many @labels and show up in as many task lists as you need.


You can build aliases for multiple people and build threads focused on a vote. For example, a product team could use the @product aliases to tag a thread for every member of the team to weigh in on a decision.


Yeah, we'll also do history I think.

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